"We move your business to the cloud"


About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create intelligent, user-friendly, transparent and 100% cloud-based business applications, which fit precisely into your processes and bring your whole team together to increase your company's success.

100% Salesforce since 2010

We started in 2010 as a small department for business systems and processes optimization within a global software corporation. Our main focus was the adoption of Salesforce cloud technologies throughout the entire organization to establish and optimize sales, marketing, support and human resources processes. After 3 years of solid work in this area we decided to share our gathered expertise with customers by becoming a salesforce registered consulting partner.

With now more than 6 years of experience and many completed projects (many of them in the Software and Manufacturing industry), our services include initial implementation of Salesforce solutions, integration with other business systems, native salesforce app development and more. Check also SERVICES for more information on this.

The Company

CloudWharf is comprised of talented developers, architects and project managers who focus on understanding your business needs and the ideal implementation of the most advanced cloud technologies that will serve you best.

We are based in Munich - Germany and provide consulting and development services all over Europe. We speak German, English, Russian and French to support customer projects in the most effective manner.

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