Communication between Managed Packages

Have you ever wondered, whether it is possible to synchronously communicate between different managed packages in Salesforce? We have! As we have built many managed packages, we thought it would be useful to create a connection between these packages. They would highly benefit from receiving/sending data from/to other packages. Of course, you could create a base package and… Read More »

Record Types in Managed Packages

In this article we will discuss the problem, which you can hit when packaging your App as a managed package. If you have record types on your custom object and you want to grant access to your object fully with permission sets you may have problems when uploading this as a managed package and installing it in the… Read More »

How I was learning Salesforce Technologies

Outline Platform Fundamentals Apex Code Developer’s Guide Trailhead Visualforce Developer’s Guide Developer Workbooks Platform Fundamentals Before learning about the first step was to understand with what you have to deal. For this goal different sources of information play a first (and the most important) role, because it gives you a first impression of the… Read More »

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a security gap, which appears when an attacker executes HTML, JavaScript, VBScript code in your application. As a result, the attacker can steal session cookies, passwords or crash the page. XSS is one of the most serious and common attacks of WEB applications. Protection from XSS attacks is especially important for external pages, as… Read More »

CRUD/FLS allows you to control access to data at many different levels: Objects (CRUD) Fields (FLS) Records (Sharing Rules) So what is CRUD and FLS? CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) is the object security level within the environment. CRUD can be used to restrict certain actions on standard and custom objects. FLS (Field-Level Security) is similar to… Read More »

How to become a designer with Canva

Everybody who knows the struggle of having ideas for creative flyers, brochures or other marketing materials but having a lack of design skills will be excited to read about Canva. They offer a wide set of creative layouts for every kind of event. Users are able to adopt and even tailor them individually. You can also create your… Read More »

Difficulties with generating an Excel sheet to Mac in Salesforce

Salesforce supports developers greatly with including an export functionality for Visualforce pages. In order to generate the Excel sheet, developers need to have a Visualforce beginning, such as the following:

Then you need to simply define the content of the Visualforce page and when it is opened, the file is downloaded. Sounds easy, right? When you are working with… Read More »

Generating PDFs in Salesforce

PDFs are widely used for generating reports or other stuff. Today, I want generally describe 2 situation, which I encountered during my work and problems I faced solving them.  First one is generating PDFs in emails. Second one is generating PDFs in triggers. Creating PDF as attachment First, I want to start with basics and show how to… Read More »