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How to become a designer with Canva

Everybody who knows the struggle of having ideas for creative flyers, brochures or other marketing materials but having a lack of design skills will be excited to read about Canva. They offer a wide set of creative layouts for every kind of event. Users are able to adopt and even tailor them individually. You can also create your… Read More »

Difficulties with generating an Excel sheet to Mac in Salesforce

Salesforce supports developers greatly with including an export functionality for Visualforce pages. In order to generate the Excel sheet, developers need to have a Visualforce beginning, such as the following:

Then you need to simply define the content of the Visualforce page and when it is opened, the file is downloaded. Sounds easy, right? When you are working with… Read More »

Lead Deduplication

It’s important to avoid duplicated lead records when creating new leads coming from the Web. Here you can find an example of a lead deduplication using apex trigger: link. In order to increase stability and error handling we use web API (instead of standard Web-To-Lead module) to post leads to Salesforce. It allows us to implement deduplication in more… Read More »