How CloudWharf handles Blog Postings: Our Topic List for December 2015

By | December 8, 2015

I am sooooooo blogging about this

Creating valuable website content is one of the key factors in optimizing your SEO for search engines, such as Google. So how do you encourage your employees to take a part in creating blog posts?

I find it most difficult to start with a new topic, therefore at the beginning of every month I will post a list of possible topics in a Chatter group. Employees can then assign themselves to a given topic or create another topic they would rather blog about. This makes the hardest hurdle a lot more easy: the entry point.

Our topic list for December 2015:

  1. Florian: How CloudWharf handles blog postings.
  2. Compact: The Salesforce Winter ’16 release notes
  3. Lightning vs. Salesforce Classic: What you should know
  4. Trailhead: The fun way to become a Salesforce expert
  5. A quick overview of all Salesforce certifications
  6. How Salesforce split up the Technical Architect certification
  7. Generating approval processes through the Salesforce Metadata API
  8. Management by Objectives: Commitment by jointly defined objective agreements
  9. The new Community Cloud – Questions answered
  10. How to boost your front-end design with the new Lightning Design System
  11. Salesforce webinars – Why you should regularly check them out
  12. Chatter vs. Slack: Keep in touch!
  13. Why Javascript is essential in development
  14. Ivan: Bulkify your triggers: a simple pattern to reuse for all Objects
  15. Decoding the enigma: What Clouds does Salesforce offer?
  16. The Cloud9 Salesforce IDE – How to code in the cloud.
  17. Ivan: Snippets – code fast with pleasure

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