How to become a designer with Canva

By | October 22, 2015

Everybody who knows the struggle of having ideas for creative flyers, brochures or other marketing materials but having a lack of design skills will be excited to read about Canva. They offer a wide set of creative layouts for every kind of event. Users are able to adopt and even tailor them individually. You can also create your own layout by working with their user friendly tools. Canva offers a bunch of images and backgrounds as well as scripts. But even own icons and pictures can be integrated.


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We used Canva to design a flyer for our appearance at Web Summit. First we chose a layout and adapted it to our corporate design. We adjusted the layout to every single side and created textfields. Images and logos were uploaded via drag and drop and integrated into the design easily.

As we worked on the flyer as a team it was important for us that everybody is able to access and edit the design (like working with google docs). The person who creates a design at Canva can send an invitation link to everyone who needs to be involved.

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