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Come2come: Order and invoice management Come2come: Order and invoice management


Services provided

  • Process
  • Project
  • Implementation
  • Custom
  • Exports for
    3rd party
  • User Training
  • Ongoing
  • Administration

Solutions used


  • Fully integrated Sales process, with high transparency and data that is consolidated in one single system.
  • Integration of the telecommunication system – Placetel, as well as Outlook for Salesforce.
  • Improvement of sales processes: standardized, digitized and unified.
  • High transparency and analytics across all business sections.

Customer Snapshot

Industry: Telecommunication

Employees: 10

Products: Come2com supports its customers in shutting down their ISDN connection. In addition to the tariff conversion, services like the distribution, the installation as well as the service of telephone-systems is also being offered. Combining the adoption of fixed-line networks and mobile communications, networking and connecting leased lines, Come2com provides its customers a true ALL-IN-ONE solution.

“Wir waren auf der Suche nach einem Partner, der unsere individuellen Ansprüche mit Salesforce umsetzt. Mit CloudWharf haben wir einen kompetenten Partner an unserer Seite, der unsere Visionen in die Praxis umsetzt und mit dem Unternehmen wächst.”

Patrick Lenz,
Managin Director at Come2com


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