"This innovative technology brings your company processes to the next level"


  • Management by Objectives

    Available on AppExchange


    This out of the box application, with its intuitive and user friendly design, brings Management by Objectives to Salesforce! Its advanced notification system and approval process will revolutionise the way you and your colleges collaborate.

  • Out-Of-Office

    Advanced application for managing the employees' vacation/illness/business trips/etc. and sharing this information with their colleagues. Full support for mobile and desktop access as well as offline availability.

  • Professional Services

    Tracking of professional services projects, tasks and milestones inside of Salesforce for existing customers and opportunities. Analyse and be aware of planned and invested time, deadline and budget for each professional services activity.

  • Training Management

    All training activities and customer certifications are planned and managed inside Salesforce. Each Salesforce Account and Contact keeps information about all participated trainings as well as the results and certification statuses.

  • Time Tracking

    Full time tracking of Customer Cases, Opportunities, Campaigns, Administration Tasks and Professional Services Tasks. Get all information on consolidated time sheets as well as on appropriate reports and dashboards.

  • Trial License Delivery

    A solution which combines online singing of trial license agreements, trial license generation through an external license server API and automatic generation of trial opportunities with attached trial licenses and TSLA information.

  • Microsoft CRM Migration

    This self-implemented tool allows the migration of all Microsoft Dynamics CRM objects into Salesforce. With only a few configuration settings not only object data, but also files and attachments can be migrated.

  • Onboarding Process

    Onboarding of new employees used to require a great amount of coordination and arrangements. This application provides a single checklist process for multiple departments, reminders and indicators for the progress.

  • Document generation

    Easily generate documents exactly the way you need. The generation of quotes and invoices saves you time, keeps the design consistent and avoids errors. Drag and drop applications make it easy to fill the document.

  • Travel Expenses & Purchase Order

    Keep track of your incoming orders and invoices and never miss a payment again. Enter travel expenses and generate an official document for the payroll accounting.