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Management by Objectives (MbO) is a system to manage employees by jointly defined objectives. This application digitalizes the whole process and allows you to quickly set up goals through either text or attachments. You can access different views and processes for every MbO role. The whole administration work of HR and the Payroll team is significantly reduced by an advanced notification system integrated in this app. Management by Objectives is installed with just a few clicks and is highly customizable.

The application also provides you with excellent filter and search functionalities so you can quickly access information that is important to you but do not get distracted by other entries of your team. Featuring a simple point & click setup, you’re also never left alone with a decision on the next step in the process.

  • Multi-layer approval system
  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Intuitive and userfriendly design
  • Reduced workload for HR/Payroll

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