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Marco Zander

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How does the software solution My Arxonas help its customers?

Click here for an overview of the series of articles on Mein Arxonas. But this article is now about the user perspective… so: here we go!  

The software solution we have programmed for Arxonas is a self-contained, virtual space for all topics related to tax firm management. It consists of:  

  • a mental map for the improvement potentials in the law firm,
  • a content management system for videos and tools from Arxonas as well as your own files,
  • a video media library with bookmark function,
  • graphical evaluation of the current management level, 
  • and a calendar of relevant events.

In this Article, we take a look at the Customer Benefits by Means of a Journey through the System

After a completely automated registration process, the customer has the opportunity to log into the system during a four-week test phase. When he logs in for the first time, he sees a how-to video and later the system map: a structure that divides his tax firm into four areas (organisation, team, clients and services), each with two modules:

First Stop: the System’s Map

Screenshot - Arxonas' system's map

This page is not only a mental map for the potential for improvement in one’s own company, but also the structure for the underlying content management system.

Second Stop: the Content Management System

Screenshot - Arxonas' Content-Management-System

When the user clicks on one of the building blocks, he finds files and videos from Arxonas for him on the one hand and can store his own files there on the other. As usual, he also has the option of creating folders and will find Arxonas folders marked as such ready for file storage.

Third Stop: the Video Library

Screenshot - Arxonas' Media Library

In addition to watching the videos, it is possible to create private bookmarks, Arxonas has the option of adding jump labels for its users and customers can discuss the content of the video among themselves in the comments.

Fourth Stop: the Management-Check

Screenshot - Arxonas' Management-Level-Check

In addition, the user can use the menu in the top right-hand corner to determine his or her management level in the respective areas with the help of a questionnaire, among other things, and immediately receives a graphic evaluation of the results.

Fifth Stop: the calendar for relevant events

Screenshot - Arxonas' calendar of relevant events

Last but not least, an event calendar can be used to search for relevant events in the sector.  

Conclusion: What can the software solution do?


  • a system map,
  • a content management system,
  • a video media library,
  • a management check
  • and a calendar of events

has given Arxonas an app that is tailored exactly to the needs of its clients: it helps tax advisors and accountants to achieve their profit targets while improving their quality of life. If you too need software to help your business move forward, feel free to contact us and make your project come true with us!

Marco from Cloudwharf


P.S.: Click here for the overview, the second and the third part.


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