We develop software solutions that…


… our speciality is recurring revenues with annual or monthly subscriptions. We achieve efficient and secure solutions through cooperation with renowned payment providers such as Stripe or PayPal+ and a cloud-based application that grows with you according to your needs.

… our speciality is recurring revenue with annual or monthly subscriptions.

Createcustomer value

… e.g. through more convenient access to already existing solutions (such as an automated tracking system that replaces email enquiries)

… or creating an offer for new customer groups (e.g. offline seminar provider now also serves the online market)

… or meeting a new customer need (e.g. customers increasingly want higher transparency from their service providers – with one of our solutions you can create transparency)

… we cover new customer needs, create more convenient access to existing solutions and offers for new customer groups.

Simplifybusiness processes

… e.g. through an onboarding application that introduces new employees to the company more quickly,
… an application with sevDesk integration that automates the financial process and makes double entry of customer information obsolete,

… or a recruiting app that keeps open job postings and applications up to date
and makes the distribution of tasks between recruiters more pleasant and efficient.

… through our experience with business process automation and your input in our conversations, we simplify your processes.

Our agile development process

Free initial

Arrange consultation

In the first consultation, we want to get to know each other, make an initial analysis of the processes and estimate the scope of the project.

Designing the

Together we design your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). That is, your application with the most important functions for your customers. We place great emphasis on understanding your business model, your customers and the strategy you use to reach them.

with 2-week sprints

After each two-week sprint, we present the progress of this iteration to you.


The project ends with a final review. Of course, we are still available for any maintenance work. In addition, we have documented and commented on every pull request in our GitHub repository during the process, so that it is also possible for another provider or an internal developer to familiarise themselves with the code.


The agile process continues. We optimise the application iteratively. That means, together with you, we incorporate feedback from your customers, extend the app with new functions until we reach a point where only maintenance work is required.

Go-Live: MVP

Then it's time! The go-live of your MVP. During this period, we support you intensively.


End-user oriented and in the interest of your company

This means for you...

  • Time savings, because business processes are taken into account
  • More sales through mouth-to-mouth marketing, because the application will inspire your customers
  • Time savings, because we will identify and automate unnecessary, manual double entries in your company
  • A positive reputation, because you will be able to show your values in the application.

In addition, you will gain a partner who thinks along with you in your interest. Our aim is to understand you, your company and your customers in depth!


Cloud-based - by conviction

We use various cloud-based technologies (e.g. Heroku, Amazon AWS or Stripe) to create applications for you that meet your needs. This means you get an app that grows with you: low costs with few users, higher-performance systems with strong growth - and all at the push of a button.


A project we are particularly proud of

When Cloudwharf and Arxonas first came together, it wasn't clear where the journey was going. The initial idea was just to set up Salesforce for a planned marketing campaign. But the directors were excited about something else entirely: there was finally someone who understood what they wanted; even brought in their own ideas for the way. And so after a few weeks it was clear: something great was going to come out of this collaboration: A cloud-based web application with a content management system, management check, video player and much more; with everything a tax consultant's heart desires in terms of management.

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