Customer portals and webshops

Portals, forums, websites, apps for smartphones, or help centres – no problem with the Salesforce Experience Cloud. It helps you improve customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and create real connections between customers, partners and employees.



Salesforce's ready-to-use webshops are quick to set up and then give you the power of one of the world's largest CRMs in your webshop. This means:

  • Your personal branding in the shop
  • All leads can be processed immediately in your CRM
  • All marketing, customer service and other automations are available to you
  • With our help, you can also send all your financial documents automatically directly from Salesforce

Portals that inspire customers, employees and partners

A few examples:

Partner community

For example, exchange leads with your partners.

Your own social platform

  • whether for employees or customers
  • with interaction possibilities for users
  • for the exchange of best practices
  • for documentation

All systems share
the same database

Knowledge exchange:

  • Whether you want to make information publicly available
  • or if you want to give certain customer groups secure access to information.


Connect your customers and your support


The biggest advantages at a glance

  • Quickly up and running
  • Everything right in your trusted Salesforce environment
  • Security and easy rights management
  • Automatically optimised for all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop, ...)
  • It's easy to create your own app too
  • Thousands of extension and automation possibilities through the Salesforce AppExchange