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sevDesk for Salesforce

About the App

Integrated with Salesforce, you get a fully automated total solution for your business processes - with excellent CRM, marketing, sales and service tools and established accounting software.

Quotes in Salesforce

Generate professional quotations in Salesforce in just a few clicks. Our interface enables you efficient work and transparent communication within your team! Due to the versatility of the Salesforce automation, your employees can forward quotes to their supervisor for approval. The approval process adapts to your workflow.

  • Easy to use
  • Transparent communication
  • Integrable approval processes

Order Management and Invoicing

Automate the process of your sales transaction. Create and manage your key financial documents from within Salesforce. Take advantage of the numerous sevdesk templates for personalized invoice design. Access your generated documents from both systems.

  • Orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices
  • Cancellation invoices

Credit Notes

Create professional credit notes for your partner network based on your individual contract conditions. Commission settlement can be set up and designed very flexibly in Salesforce. No matter whether you invoice a fixed commission on a monthly basis or according to a percentage of your margin. sevdesk helps you to automatically fill in all legally required fields of your credit notes.

Recurring Revenue

Save yourself the work of sending invoices for your recurring sales every month and let our app do it for you. In the video, Marco shows you how to do this easily for many different billing intervals.

  • Trial period
  • Various billing intervals
  • Reduce manual labor
sevDesk for Salesforce

Search Function

Benefit from global search in Salesforce. Your employees can find all sevdesk documents generated in Salesforce in a matter of seconds. As a result, your team collaborates better and your customers receive faster service.


Stay on top of your business performance, better analyze customer behavior, and improve your forecasting accuracy and communication between teams with our new reporting feature. See:

  • your monthly recurring revenue,
  • your monthly churned revenue,
  • a report on your contract subscriber lifetime value,
  • and much more

Simple, fast and flexible setup

With our documentation and step-by-step video instructions, the sevdesk for Salesforce solution can be set up in a short time and be started trouble-free. Of course our support team is still at your disposal and is happy to help you out.

sevDesk for Salesforce

Easy to set up, ready to use!

Our sevdesk for Salesforce app is easy to set up and ready to use straight away. The installation guide linked above is also available on our YouTube channel - and if you need help, just contact us!

  • Automated Lead-to-Cash Process Close your deals faster and increase sales.
  • Transparency through all business processes of your company Benefit from a seamless integration of everyday financial tasks into your internal business processes.
  • All important financial documents in both systems Create professional financial documents in Salesforce using a variation of sevdesk templates
  • Better working environment, more efficient employees Avoid errors and duplicated data entry through an automated synchronization process.

Your Salesforce Advantages

Salesforce is a leading global CRM provider that enables you to complete your business faster and smarter, whether you are looking to boost your sales or want to offer first-class customer support. Salesforce does not only manage your most important customer information, but also helps you build and maintain customer relationships.

The CRM platform enables you to map the entire process of your customer communication – from lead generation to order creation. You can contact your customers via email or social media channels while managing internal tasks. Track and analyze your own performance and increase the sales productivity of your team.

More than 150.000 companies already benefit from the global market leader Salesforce – take the chance and become one of them!

More information

  • World’s leading CRM provider The perfect solution for sales, marketing, services and trade!
  • 360° customer profile for excellent customer care Get all relevant customer information at a glance and serve your customers with a first class service!
  • Sales and Marketing Automation Qualify high quality leads by lead nurturing and start targeted campaigns to acquire customers!
  • Reporting and Sales AnalyticsFlexible Reporting – Stay up-to-date with structured sales, streamlining your activities with modern analytics!
  • Workflow and approval processes Adapt the processes to your workflow and not vice versa!
  • Process automation and process flows PBenefit from faster and more efficient processes through operational support and centralized data management.
  • Integrations and AppExchange-Apps Take advantage of numerous applications that can be linked to your platform, according to your individual requirements and needs!

Your sevdesk Advantages

The digital accounting software from sevdesk: Keep your bookkeeping simple and legally compliant, impress with professional invoices, meet your tax obligations and always keep an eye on your business throughout the year. With sevdesk, you can send your VAT return directly to the tax office, scan your receipts on the go with your smartphone and have your online banking integrated for payment reconciliation.

Combined with Salesforce, you get a fully automated solution for your business processes - with excellent CRM, marketing, sales and service tools and established accounting software.

More than 80.000 satisfied customers use sevdesk every day – get started today!

Learn more

  • Professional invoices with integrated dunning Convince your customers with a stylish design and always keep an eye on your open bills! Automatically create reminders and duns for open items.
  • Always keep an eye on your cash flow Create your revenue-surplus bill and your VAT advance notice in just a few clicks!
  • Better cooperation with your tax advisor Benefit from the DATEV export function and a personal accountant access!
  • Third-party integrationsUse third-party integrations such as the POST interface and redefine your tasks!
  • Online Banking Compare your invoices automatically and make the payment process easier for your customers.
  • Warehouse Management Never lose track of your stocks and inventory management!
  • Accounting made easy Structure your accounting by creating different cost centers.

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