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The all-round solution for all your business processes.

Automate your accounting process in Salesforce by integrating sevDesk in your day-to-day business.
Realize faster revenue through a seamless process from lead to cash.
Benefit from a fully elaborated and in Salesforce integrated accounting system.

sevDesk for Salesforce

The integration allows you to generate invoices directly from Salesforce and process them even further in your back office using sevDesk. Synchronizing both systems without using any middleware, you can always access your revenue information from within Salesforce. Data duplication and duplicate data entry are no longer part of your everyday life - your team can focus on more important tasks and functions. Integrated with Salesforce, you get a fully automated allround solution for all your business processes - with excellent CRM, marketing, sales and service tools and one of the best cloud accounting systems.

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Easy to set up, ready to use!

  • Automated Lead-to-Cash Process Close your deals faster and increase sales.
  • Transparency through all business processes of your company Benefit from a seamless integration of everyday financial tasks into your internal business processes.
  • Different synchronization schemes available Adjust your accounting processes to your workflow - not the other way around.
  • Better working environment, more efficient employees Avoid errors and duplicated data entry through an automated synchronization process.

Your Salesforce advantages

Salesforce is a leading global CRM provider that enables you to complete your business faster and smarter. Whether you are looking to boost your sales or want to offer first-class customer support. Salesforce does not only manage your most important customer information, but also helps you build and maintain customer relationships. The CRM platform enables you to map the entire process of your customer communication - from lead generation to order creation. You can contact your customers via email or social channels while managing internal tasks. Track and analyze your own performance and increase the sales productivity of your team.

More than 150.000 companies already benefit from the global market leader Salesforce - take the chance and become one of them!

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  • World's leading CRM provider The perfect solution for sales, marketing, services and trade!
  • 360° customer profile for excellent customer care Get all relevant customer information at a glance and serve your customers with a first class service!
  • Sales and Marketing Automation Qualify high quality leads by lead nurturing and start targeted campaigns to acquire customers!
  • Reporting and Sales AnalyticsFlexible Reporting - Stay up-to-date with structured sales, streamlining your activities with modern analytics!
  • Workflow and approval processes Adapt your business processes to your workflow!
  • Process automation and process flows Benefit from faster and more efficient processes through operational support and centralized data management.
  • Integrations and AppExchange-Apps Take advantage of numerous applications that can be linked to your platform, according to your individual requirements and needs!

Your sevDesk advantages

sevDesk is a cloud-based service that combines all important functions for customer and business administration. You can manage your customers and documents, generate invoices and quotes, organize inventory, keep cash books, and get real-time information. Developed and hosted in Germany, ideal for startups and SMEs. With its connection to DATEV, with an export function, sevDesk ensures a better cooperation between you and your accountant.

sevDesk helps you save time and focus on your core business due to the seamless integration of external services, such as a post interface.

More than 80.000 satisfied customers use sevDesk every day - get started today!

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  • Professional invoices with integrated reminders Convince your customers with a stylish design and have an overview of your open bills! Automatically create reminders and duns for open items.
  • Always keep an eye on your cash flow Create your revenue-surplus bill and your VAT advance notice in just a few clicks!
  • Better cooperation with your tax advisor Benefit from the DATEV export function and a personal accountant access!
  • Third-party integrationsUse third-party integrations such as the POST interface and redefine your tasks!
  • Online Banking Compare your invoices automatically and make the payment process easier for your customers.
  • Warehouse Management Never lose track of your stocks and inventory management!
  • Accounting made easy Structure your accounting by creating different cost centers.

We turn our customers into heroes!

“With the integration of Salesforce and sevDesk, Cloudwharf has created a perfect solution for our team. This integration and the fast, smooth, high-quality support on the fly through Cloudwharf enables us to achieve our goals perfectly.”

Christoph Röck