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With our Professional Services Automation (PSA), you have everything you need in Salesforce: from the initiation of a project to the planning of employees for the various tasks and the tracking of times & expenses.

Resource Planner

Easily assign tasks to employees. Always keep an overview of availability: with all vacations, public holidays, other time off and individually adaptable to your employees' work schedules.

  • Comprehensive Planning: Manage all ongoing, forecasted, and internal projects, including trainings, webinars, and conferences. The system accommodates various types of engagements, ensuring a holistic view of organizational activities.
  • Available Times at a Glance: Have an overview of all working days and hours - your employees' working hours, public holidays and time off (vacations, sick days, special events) are taken into account.
  • Automatic Hour Calculation: See the available number of hours for a given task and timeframe in the project instantly during the task assignment.
  • People View: Facilitates individual employee planning and provides visibility into their workload – ensuring equitable distribution of tasks.
  • Advanced Filters: Offers tailored viewing options, allowing employees to display only relevant information for efficient usage.
  • Access Management: Features different permission sets to manage access rights to the planning function. This ensures that sensitive information is protected while enabling appropriate visibility and collaboration within the team.

Expense & Time Tracking Manager

With the Time Tracking Manager, anyone can easily record times and send them for approval. With the Expense Tracker, expenses can be tracked just as easily.

Time Tracking Manager

  • Comprehensive Time Tracking: Enables tracking for all planned project tasks and events. This ensures that every minute spent on projects is accounted for.
  • Consolidated View: The time-tracking module offers a weekly consolidated view, incorporating:
    • Budget information
    • Task assignments and planned time
    • Daily/Weekly totals versus plans to monitor progress and adjust as needed
  • Schedule Consideration: Displays working days and hours, taking into account employees' working schedules, public holidays, and time off (vacations, sick leaves, special events).
  • Advanced Filters: Provides each employee the ability to efficiently customize the list of records they view, enhancing the focus on relevant tasks and activities.
  • Access Management: Includes various permission sets to manage access rights to the time-tracking function, ensuring data security while facilitating team collaboration.

Expense Tracking Manager

  • Efficient Expense Tracking: Facilitates tracking of expenses for all planned project tasks and events. Prolisk’s expense tracker simplifies the management of project-related expenditures, contributing to better budget control.
  • Detailed View: The expense-tracking module delivers a weekly consolidated view, featuring:
    • Managing of travel reports to oversee project-related travel expenses.
    • Addition of meal allowances and mileage allowance to travel reports for comprehensive expense reporting.
    • Attaching invoices and other documents, streamlining the documentation and reimbursement process.

Utilization & Forecast

Gain deep insights into your team's performance with comprehensive utilization reports. Analyze how well your employees have been utilized so far and forecast future bottlenecks or capacity surpluses. With the forecast feature, you always have an overview of upcoming tasks and can make adjustments at an early stage to optimize the workload.

Individual Evaluations

  • Utilization per person: Under Capacity Utilization, you can see the utilization of each employee – to identify potential for new projects and risks, such as overloading individual employees, at an early stage.
  • Forecast per person: Under Forecast, you see the forecast of how the utilization of your employees is currently planned. This feature supports your strategic personnel planning and prevents bottlenecks and overbooking.

Company-wide Forecast

  • Forecast for the company: An additional feature that is not currently shown on the page is the Company Forecast. There you can see the forecast at company level: How much do you expect to earn from ongoing projects in the coming periods, how much from planned projects? And what percentage of unplanned days do you have?

The company forecast supports you with financial forecasts, profitability issues and long-term business and operational decisions.

Integrated HR module

Easily create customizable work schedules and time off for the needs of your employees. And always have all this information directly available in the project overview.

You can enter all relevant information about your employees in the integrated HR module:

  • Working schedules: You can create these flexibly, so everyone knows immediately that an employee has Fridays off while another employee only works part-time - and everything is of course displayed in the project overview.
  • Time offs: Whether vacations, sick days or special occasions. Time offs can be easily created by the HR department or the individual employees themselves.
  • Access management: Use access management to ensure that sensitive information is protected while enabling appropriate visibility and collaboration within the team: Configure who can create time-outs and how they should be approved, for example, according to your needs.

And everything can always be viewed immediately in the project overview (Resource Planner).

    And of course ...

... monthly invoices are automatically generated from Salesforce!*

* Yes, with all tracked times and expenses, including the uploaded invoices!

borisgloger uses Prolisk...

...for efficient planning, forecasting and project management, so that consultants can focus on the essentials: actively supporting their clients.

Lead-to-Cash in Salesforce

Manage your entire workflow in Salesforce - from the initial lead to the final invoice. An insider tip from many of our customers: Use "reverse invoices", i.e. credit notes, to save time. This is especially handy if you work a lot with freelancers, as it simplifies the billing process considerably. And with Prolisk, this is of course no problem.

Intuitive and Efficient
Project Management - in Salesforce

39€ per user/month