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Katharina Montes Suma

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Our sevDesk for Salesforce Winter Release 2020/21 is live! Now our sevDesk integration for Salesforce offers a much more user-friendly user interface and some new features to complete orders more efficiently and send out different types of invoices faster. 

The Cloudwharf team has been working on the new features for a few months, and now our winter release is live – the update is already available on AppExchange. For those of you who want to test the new interface and features right away, we have set up a test drive on AppExchange. There you can test all features in the test account with data already provided. The new features will make your daily work with sevDesk for Salesforce easier and more efficient, some of the new items we have developed especially on customer request.

The new features are:

  • Templates for header and footer component of quotes and invoices
  • New user interface instead of product lists for adding and editing line items
  • Partial invoices and interim invoices

In our Youtube video in german we explain the new features step by step using practical examples from our customers. We show you in simple steps how to use the new features in our interface and explain all advantages.

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Templates for header and footer component

Until now, it was not possible to create templates for header and footer texts in Salesforce. For each quote or invoice, the header text as well as the footer text had to be entered manually during creation. This not only takes a lot of time, but also leads to typos that can leave a negative impression upon customers.

Therefore, we have developed a header and footer component especially for our customers who have to generate a large number of documents for many different customers on a daily basis. In this component you can create and insert templates. This way, the desired text only has to be created once and the sales staff can reuse it again and again. For example, if your company has three different offer types, you simply create three different templates and insert them as needed.

The possibility to create templates already existed in sevDesk, but not in Salesforce. But since many companies prefer to create documents like quotes and invoices directly in Salesforce, we wanted to fulfill your needs with this feature, save you a lot of time typing and make your daily work easier.

Where can you find the new feature? Under the header text box, simply click on the arrow next to the “Save” button. Here, you can choose to create a new text template, manage the existing text templates or select an existing text template. The same principle applies to the footer component. 

New user interface of line items

This fundamentally changes the way you add and edit items in Salesforce. This visual component of line items for higher usability was our main goal for the new sevDesk for Salesforce winter release and replaces the tedious search and selection of properties in the Salesforce product lists. There is no longer a need to open a multitude of new windows, and products can be added to a list and be edited easily and quickly.

line Items in salesforce

To add a product to the line items, you now just have to search for the product name in the list and select the desired product. In the columns next to it you can set the quantity, check the net sales price, set an individual discount at product level and the grand total will be displayed. Below, you will find a box where you can insert an individual product description. 

In addition to the discount per product, you can also add global discounts and surcharges. To add, just click on the blue text “+Add discount/surcharge”. Another important feature concerns the sales tax, especially interesting due to the recent sales tax changes in Germany. In the box “Sales tax (%)” below the product, the individual sales tax for the respective item can be entered and changed.

In addition, the item can be marked as optional. This way, the product is displayed as optional on the quote, and no new quote has to be created if the customer does not want to acquire the optional item after all. In addition, products can be selected with the Multiselect function and also sorted in any order. All this was not possible in Salesforce before our winter release.

The new user interface reminds us all of sevDesk – and that’s completely on purpose. We wanted to make sure that users who are used to working with sevDesk will also find their way around our new user interface in Salesforce. This new component is available for quotes, orders, invoices and opportunities. 

Partial and interim invoices

Another feature from our winter release is the new ability to create partial and interim invoices in Salesforce. Some of our customers had a need for this capability for some time, as partial invoices and interim invoices are commonplace in everyday business life across a wide range of industries.

Since the new winter release in December 2020, it is finally possible to create three different variants of invoices: Partial invoices, interim invoices and final invoices. Previously, only final invoices could be created.

Youtube Thumbnail sevDesk für Salesforce Teilrechnungen

So, what is the exact difference between these invoice types and in which situations which type does make sense? We explain this to you in our blog post on partial invoices and interim invoices in Salesforce. In general, however, it should be said that interim invoices are created before the service is provided and the customer pays the interim invoice as a kind of down payment before the products are delivered or services are provided. In the case of partial invoices, a partial amount of the total amount is paid if a service has already been provided.

Partial invoices and interim invoices can be created in three variants thanks to the new update: With a percentage amount, a fixed amount or with the selection of specific products. We show you exactly how this works in our Salesforce user interface on the blog post on partial and interim invoices.

All winter release advantages summed up

  • Saves time and makes work easier for everyone who has to write lots of invoices
  • Templates save time during document generation
  • Dynamic creation of offers due to new user interface of line items with high usability
  • Fast corrections of quotes, prices and discounts
  • Work just as effective in Salesforce as in SevDesk
  • Intuitive user interface is reminiscent of sevDesk – therefore short training period for (sevDesk) users
  • Due to the features and data synchronization the sales department works completely in Salesforce and the back office completely in sevDesk

Our sevDesk integration for Salesforce is available on AppExchange to the cost of 35 Euro per month and user with annual payment. For slightly larger companies that need more users, we also offer a pricing model of 200 euros per month per company. If you want to set up more than five employee accesses, go for the per-company pricing model.

What do you think about the new features of our sevDesk for Salesforce Winter Update? Which feature are you most excited about? And are there things you would like to see in the future? Drop us a line  and get in touch with our team if there are features that you need for your business processes or that would simplify your daily work but that we don’t offer yet. We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to implement the features in the future.

Which of these new features are you most excited about? And which features would you like to see in our Cloudwharf sevDesk for Salesforce integration in the future? – Most of our new features are developed directly at the request of our customers. So get in touch with our team if there are features that you need for your business processes or that simplify your daily work, but that we don’t offer yet. We are constantly striving to improve our sevDesk for Salesforce integration!

Learn more about sevDesk for Salesforce integration features like quote creation, order entry and invoicing, and automatic credit note creation on our blog and Youtube channel

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