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Marco Zander

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Background information on the software solution Mein Arxonas: How have we built secure and powerful data storage?  

Click here for the overview of the series of articles on Mein Arxonas

Today we continue with Arxonas: one of our individual software solutions. We answer the question of how the best cloud solutions and the infrastructure we build work together to: 

  • store confidential data securely
  • retrieve frequently used data quickly
  • and store even the largest amounts of data cost-effectively

This time, we also go a little more into the technical details. 

Fast and scalable storage with Heroku! 

Heroku Homepage Screenshot

Put simply, Heroku provides us with the super-computer it takes to process requests from many different customers around the clock. Because we can scale the app at the touch of a button, the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution allows us to focus entirely on creating a great app and not worry about infrastructure: We need more resources because Arxonas is growing? Then we simply add them to Heroku in the form of new (or more powerful) so-called “dynos” and that’s it. 

Grafische Darstellung der unserer beiden Datenbanken bei Heroku.

The implementation of the Heroku databases in this software

For our two environments (staging and production), Heroku has a PostgreSQL database and a Redis database. On the Redis databases we have stored, for example, frequently needed information such as notifications or session information of individual users as key-value pairs. This allows us to retrieve them quickly. More complex objects, such as management check questions or user role information, are stored in the relational PostgreSQL databases. 

Unlimited and inexpensive storage with AWS!

Cloud Computing mit AWS

For the particularly large amounts of data – Arxonas’ high-resolution videos and documents for its users – we have Amazon Web Services (AWS) databases. There, we can be sure that no matter how many videos Arxonas produces, the storage capacities of our software will always be sufficient.

Secure databases for payment processing with Stripe.

Stripe - 'Mit uns zahlt das Internet'

Those who already know us know that we also offer subscription management services. This time we decided to work with Stripe, one of the world’s leading companies. They provide us with their logic for payment processing. The particularly sensitive data for payment processing is thus in the hands of Stripe’s data security experts. And the payment process also conveys this security.

Conclusion: A secure, powerful app adapted to the needs of our customers.  

A combination of cloud solutions and our own infrastructure helps Arxonas make data storage secure, fast and cost-effective.

So Arxonas has got software that meets both their needs and those of their customers. Developed individually for them, the app connects by selecting the appropriate cloud solutions: Efficiency, scalability and fit. 

Marco from CloudwharfP.S.: You have further questions or want an application like this too? Then contact us here.


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