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Marco Zander

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Arxonas: an online learning platform that is revolutionising the tax advisor industry!

Did you know? We also develop custom software solutions for our clients! Want to see an example? Then you’ve come to the right place: in this series of posts, I’ll introduce you to the Arxonas app. Let’s get started!

Which software project are we looking at in this series of articles? 

In their own office, the directors of Arxonas have shown that a tax office does not have to be a bleak place. Rather, it can be a workplace full of energy, with a motivated team, satisfied clients and a whopping profit on top. Now their goal was to make the world between Beck’s law editions and being an entrepreneur a little bit better: with a comprehensive, easily scalable cloud solution. The Munich-based start-up placed its trust in us for the development.

How did the software project ‘Mein Arxonas’ come about?

When Cloudwharf and Arxonas first came together, it was not yet clear where the journey was going. The initial idea was just to set up Salesforce for a planned marketing campaign. But Nicolas and Peter, the managing directors of Arxonas, were excited about something else: there was finally someone who understood what they wanted; even brought in their own ideas for the way. And so after a few weeks it was clear: something great was going to come out of this collaboration. And that is what I am presenting to you in this series of articles: Mein Arxonas.  

What are the individual parts of this series about?

Part 1 – the end-user perspective: everything a tax advisor’s heart desires!

You can see the Arxonas media library with a video ready to be played and some introductory videos on the right.

In the first part, we look at the cloud solution from the client’s perspective. What has been created for the clients? How does the software solution help me as a tax advisor to achieve my profit goals with a higher quality of life? 

Click here to read the first part!

Part 2 – our clients’ perspective: Subscription management, payment processing, accounting: all automatic!

An illustration shows, how a company is receiving periodical payments from a customer.
In the second part, we take a look behind the scenes. Now we take the perspective of Arxonas. What tools and services can they use to manage videos and documents for their customers, their subscriptions and even their accounting with just a few clicks? Also, how can they test videos and new features before they go live for all customers? 

Click here for the second part!

And here’s even more information on our subscription management and financial process integration solutions – or on our solutions in general

Part 3 – the developer perspective: Heroku, AWS and Stripe: scalable, secure, efficient.

Heroku, AWS, Stripe databases with icons indicating security, capacity and individuality

Having taken a look behind the scenes in part two, we now interview the actors on stage. Now it’s getting a little more technical. It’s all about how the best cloud solutions and the infrastructure we build work together to: 

  • store confidential data securely, 
  • retrieve frequently used data quickly. 
  • and store even the largest amounts of data cost-effectively.

Click here for part three!

Conclusion: What should you take away from this post?  

We also develop cloud solutions for our customers. For example, for Arxonas. They got an app that is exactly tailored to their needs and those of their clients: it helps tax advisors and tax consultants to achieve their profit goals while improving their quality of life. It also enables Arxonas to quickly penetrate large parts of the market. The app is customisable, scalable, secure and completely in the cloud. 

If you have any questions or your business needs software to get ahead, feel free to contact us and make your project come true with Cloudwharf!

Contact us now!

Marco from Cloudwharf

P.S.: Here are the links to the first, second and third part of the series as well as to the Arxonas software. Or maybe you want to know more about our agile development process? We have summarised it on the linked page. 


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