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Marco Zander

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What does the Mein Arxonas software solution do for our customers?

Click here for an overview of the series of articles on Mein Arxonas.  

While we looked at the user perspective in the first part, we will now take the perspective of Arxonas. My goal is to give you a picture of, 

  • how data sharing, financial processes, user management are available to Arxonas in one system and 
  • how marketing, customer & content management and accounting are smoothly and automatically intertwined, so that there is no need for manual double entry anywhere. 

We take a look at this in this article using Mr Leitner’s example and some additional background information.

Payment processing with Stripe: simple, flexible, routine!

The illustration shows, how a company receives periodical payments from a customer.

An Example
With just a few clicks, Arxonas created a voucher code limited to 500 applications: ‘DIE_ERSTEN_500’. Martin Leitner, a tax consultant from Munich, saw an ad from Arxonas sending him a discount code in exchange for signing up to the newsletter.

More information

Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment processing companies. By connecting the app to Stripe, payments by credit card or SEPA direct debit mandate run securely and smoothly. Furthermore, with just a few clicks, Arxonas has the possibility to 

  • create personal voucher codes, 
  • create personal voucher codes, 
  • issue a limited number of discounts, 
  • cancel subscriptions, 
  • or even refund individual payments.

All this helps Arxonas to attract new customers with marketing campaigns or to increase the customer satisfaction of current customers. In addition, of course, we will not reach any limits with this partner, even with many hundreds of thousands of customers.

Lead generation with Salesforce

An invoice in Salesforce, created with our sevDesk for Salesforce App.

Continuing with Mr. Leitner
Thanks to the Salesforce connection of the system, his contact is immediately created as a lead in the CRM. Sales now has all the data at its disposal. In our example, however, things are going particularly well for Arxonas. Enthusiastically, Mr Leitner immediately registers with the app using his credit card.

More information

So Arxonas can both create new leads manually in Salesforce. But the forms on the website also do this automatically. Through Salesforce, Arxonas can contact their customers as usual and manage existing leads. 

More information about our Salesforce services can be found here

Content and user management with intelligent data management

More information can also be found in Part 3.
A screenshot from the Arxonas software - the user page.

Continuing with Mr. Leitner
On his browser, he opens the app and finds videos and tools that Arxonas has uploaded there for him. Arxonas employees can therefore upload files for all users, while Mr Leitner can only upload files for himself and his employees. Arxonas can still manage his subscription with Stripe without any problems. (What else he can do with Mein Arxonas: see part 1.)

More information about the user management system

User roles – who can do what in the system – play an essential role in the scalability and usability of the system. Through it, Arxonas has the ability to: 

  • Upload and remove all global content (videos and documents for all clients), 
  • And to activate new sub-applications (e.g. a forum) initially only for Arxonas employees. 
  • In addition, entire law firms, where each employee has their own access but can share files among themselves, can register in the software. 

Here is an overview of the roles in the system:    

ARXONAS – the role for Arxonas employees.

  • Upload global files (such as videos or documents) for all users (i.e. across tax offices)
  • Access to all sub-applications that have already been rolled out: i.e. from the content management system, to the management check and others, to the events calendar (see part 1)
  • Access to new sub-applications that have not yet been released for clients (currently, for example, a forum) 

ADMIN – die Rolle für Steuerberater und Geschäftsführerinnen von Steuerkanzleien 

  • Access to all global files and all files of their firm  
  • Access to all sub-applications that have already been rolled out: i.e. from the content management system, the management check and others to the events calendar (see part 1)
  • Upload files for all members of the tax firm
  • Upload private files 
  • Adding further ADMIN or USER licences to the firm

USER – the role for employees of the tax firm.  

  • Favourable tariff 
  • Limited access to the Arxonas application

More information on the content management system

As is best practice in larger systems, we have a live and a test environment. All changes – be it a new feature, a new pop-up or just a copy change – first go into the staging environment for Arxonas to test. Only when everything has been implemented to satisfaction does the respective change go live for all customers.
A screenshot from the Heroku environment. You can see the staging and the live environment of Arxonas.

Accounting made easy: automated financial process with sevDesk

Salesforce and sevDesk by Cloudwharf

Continuing with Mr. Leitner
Through Mr Leitner’s registration, the first invoice is immediately generated on sevDesk for the first three months with a 100% discount. The next two months, zero invoices go out again. After that, it continues with the regular price. Everything happens automatically, at any time Arxonas has the possibility to make a DATEV export and to edit their texts. Arxonas can thus concentrate fully on producing content for their clients.

More information

With automatically generated invoices, Salesforce connection and DATEV export function, there is no need for manual double entry anywhere. Instead, the customer data is automatically provided by our long-term partner, sevDesk.

Summary: What can Arxonas do with the software?

This means that Arxonas has received a web application in which marketing, customer management, content management and accounting are smoothly and automatically intertwined. They have all the necessary functions – from creating vouchers, to uploading their videos, to processing their invoices – in-house, so they can keep their customers happy. At the same time, with a combination of different cloud solutions, the system is built to be easy to test, scalable and, most importantly, secure. 

Marco from Cloudwharf

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