Use-Case: Creating Transparency with an App

Marco Zander

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How a web application creates customer value for sustainable business models

What is it about?

This blog post is about how a web application can help you (for example, as a retailer or even as a company with an eCommerce shop) to create customer value. Using the tea brand Boi Lin* as an example, we look at how a tracking app can make a company more transparent. A requirement that is increasingly in demand. After all, 86% (!) of Americans say transparency is more important than ever and there is little reason to believe it is any different in Germany.

Why the tea brand Boi Lin wants a tracking app

Linda, Felix and Alex have launched a new tea brand: Boi Lin. They bring sustainably produced tea to Germany. Whoever buys Boi Lin tea buys tea where employees are well paid on the plantations in China and India, where soils are managed in such a way that tea can still be grown there in 50 years and where all CO² emissions are compensated by local reforestation projects. The values they express in this way are deeply anchored in their corporate culture. But they also know that their sustainable management at all levels and its communication is one of their USPs. Among other things, they achieve

  • higher loyality to their brand,
  • their customers are willing to pay more for their products
  • and their employees are happier and more satisfied to work for them.

And thereby the three young entrepreneurs around Linda have already won many customers with their concept and opened three stores: in Munich, in Berlin and two months ago they added Hamburg. The three have heard one wish from their customers again and again: they would like to be able to trace more precisely where their tea comes from and who grew it. They take it as an opportunity to further expand their strength and to communicate even better.

And that’s where Cloudwharf comes in – the Boi Lin team and we sit down and develop a tracking concept. Together we take the customer experience to a whole new level.

How does the application create customer value?

The result: Nastja, one of their first customers and a key idea generator for these functions, can scan the QR code on the tea package and is then given three options:

1. Transparent location

She can view a map showing the location of her tea plant. In a first version of the app, she sees the satellite images via a Google Maps API. Later, when she clicks, she sees a short video of the plantation taken by the Boi Lin team using a drone. In it, a small arrow is even said to appear pointing to the section where her tea came from.

2. Employee Relations

Secondly, Nastya is shown the memoji of a staff member and by clicking on this memoji, she learns more about Nishay.

Because you build relationship with people and through humanity, Boi Lin interviews all employees after six months in the company and every two years. They write down their story. And after a few years in the company, this creates a real chronicle, which Nastja now sees. The employees, in turn, sometimes even show it to their closest friends and family members. (Google Translate makes it possible.)

3. Carbon offset projects

Thirdly, Nastja can click on the little heart under the memoji to find out more about what her CO² offsetting has been used for. Linda writes a blog post about every funded project and internally they track which donation goes where. In addition, the team is currently considering offering interested customers the option of choosing between three alternative projects in the app within 24 hours of making a purchase. To this end, they want to set up a customer survey in the next few months.

First customer feedback

Nastja was one of the first beta testers and was immediately enthusiastic. She has already announced the launch of the app on her Instagram channel and recommended Boi Lin to others.

You want a custom web app?

If you also want a web application that, for example, expands your services and creates real customer value, then simply contact us! In an initial discussion, we can find out whether we are the right partners for your project and then we can work out a concept for your app together. So: We look forward to developing your application!

Just contact us here.

Here’s also more information about our custom-developed web applications. And here you can learn about an online learning platform we developed for one of our clients.

*This story was made up, but if you want to hear some real success stories from our customers, check out this one from Arxonas, for example. Or have a look at our other solutions.


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