The importance of a good CRM

Anastasia Pahl

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Offered services and products have long ceased to be a unique selling proposition for companies – everything has become comparable and replaceable.

Companies nowadays know that they cannot leave those valuable relationships with their customers to chance; they must be based on an entrepreneurial approach. A good CRM does just that: it refers consistently and systematically to your customer and helps you structure your customer relationship processes. A good customer relationship management platform enables you and your team to handle a high number of customers through personal and individual communication and ensure excellent service.

More than 150,000 companies already benefit from the global market leader Salesforce.
Providing connected customer experiences across multiple channels and departments is a goal many companies pursue. These experiences must extend to businesses, processes, and infrastructure across sales, marketing, commerce, and service.

Salesforce offers a variety of B2B products, all operating the same data model, using standardized and custom objects. Companies have the opportunity to view all information in one place, in a single data model, for sales, marketing, B2B trading and services. It is, so to speak, THE platform for excellent customer care.

Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud and Commerce Cloud – they all work together and share the same data, whether you’re using a mobile or a desktop device. Salesforce provides a department-wide integration and optimization of customer-related processes in sales, marketing, customer service, development, and research.

The application platform has a comprehensive range of interfaces for process and data integration. You can create customer-specific objects and provide them with suitable workflows – a dream come true for every employee.

360 ° customer profile with the Salesforce 360 ​​° view

All relevant customer information at one glance? – A can do with Salesforce. Contacts, contact details, telephone notes, tasks, correspondence, complaints, sales opportunities, projects, orders, appointments and contracts – all this is stored in one system and can be viewed by employees immediately. Salesforce provides you with a so-called institutional memory. If there is a change of representatives, the information will remain on their accounts and be accessible to others in the company to refer to and use for a smooth continuation of the customer relationship. The probability of customer churn is low. Business decisions are underpinned by data; and good, clean data leads to good decisions.

Thus, you can serve your customers in a competent and efficient manner. Customer hierarchies and relationships allow even deeper visibility. An evaluation of your customer profiles helps you to recognize hidden potential and to expand your products and services accordingly.

Customer loyalty

Every customer is an individual, with his/her own needs, desires and potentials requiring special attention. Retaining existing customers costs a company five times less than acquiring a new customer. Long-term documentation of customer relationships enables a more efficient service and protects you against wrong decisions and misunderstandings. Salesforce helps you and your team smoothly connect to the last conversation without forgetting prior arrangements. In the event of a problem or query, your team can react quickly and in a well-prepared manner and competently assist your customers.

Good service leaves a lasting impression and establishes closer customer contact, which leads to longer customer loyalty. Loyal and satisfied customers form the basis for referrals and set you apart from your competitors. This, in turn, brings savings in marketing as loyal customers typically increase your referral rate. Long-term success thus becomes reality.

From the customer’s point of view, a well-functioning CRM system is above all a better and more personal service. The customer’s request is immediately taken up and understood because your team can assign it to a context. The individual history and the course of an existing customer discussion is available to your support, so the customer does not always have to explain his concerns from scratch.

Faster and more efficient processes through operational support

With centralized data management, you can structure and automate your workflows, improving collaboration between departments across your organization. Internal search processes, as well as the administration and assignment of tasks are quick and easy, saving you time and money. Automating certain routine tasks and operations relieves your employees of recurring tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic and productive tasks instead. With up-to-date evaluations, clear structures and targeted project planning, your team will always have an overview based on all company data.

The unified information and structured documentation of all important data streamlines the collaboration between all CRM users and allows users to work on common projects or datasets, whether they are in the same department or performing different activities in different locations.
While automatic synchronization helps keep your employees up to date and notifies users about supplemented information and new entries, you also get improved communication within Salesforce with increased transparency for all your employees while avoiding unnecessary meetings and unnecessary email traffic.

Structured sales

The technical component of a CRM plays an important role in sales. The system gives you an overview of all potential opportunities as well as a qualitative detailed view of each individual offer. A detail view shows you all those involved in an offer and gives you insight into the next steps or the measures to be expected. An individually configured dashboard gives you and your team a better overview of all open offers and leads to be edited.

The customer is king, but how do you know who your customer is? Because not every lead is a lead. Salesforce gives you the opportunity to identify truly valuable customers. As mentioned above, every customer is different, has his/her own requirements and needs and wants to be treated on a personal level. Salespeople and Customer Support need to be able to see how much effort they have to spend on acquiring a customer or completing an order, and which leads are worth pursuing. It is helpful to store detailed notes in your CRM, which are visible to every team member. These notes will give your team an overview at all times, which peculiarities have to be taken into account, which type of customer they are about to encounter, and will help you find the right approach to convert. Systematic documentation makes it possible to identify new trends, better structure sales, increase sales and planning security.

Marketing automation? No problem with Salesforce!

Whether you are mapping a personalized customer journey that includes all channels or would like to fill your pipeline. Salesforce offers a variety of features that make your life easier. High-quality leads can be further qualified through lead nurturing and with the help of modern analyzes, your employees can continuously optimize and expand their activities. You can take targeted action to attract and retain customers, manage campaigns, as well as analyze and create workflows that optimize your marketing activities. Whether you want to define audiences or start a customer acquisition program, qualify prospects, or need metrics for results, all that and more is a sweet spot for Salesforce.


So let’s summarize. With Salesforce, you do not get simply a CRM system, you get a promise – a promise to scale your business and broaden your horizons.
We have listed the most important points for you here again:

  • World leading CRM provider
  • 360 ° customer profile for optimal customer care
  • Faster and more efficient processes through operational support
  • Structured sales
  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Reporting and Sales Analytics
  • Process automation and process flows
  • Workflow and approval processes
  • Integrations and AppExchange apps

If you want to know what a good financial solution might look like and why the perfect all-round solution for your business actually exists, keep reading!

Von Anastasia Pahl

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