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Arxonas does management for German tax firms (“Steuerkanzlei-Management”). After building their own successful tax firm, the directors of Arxonas decided to help their colleagues with their tax firm-specific challenges. On an online learning platform, they provide, among other things, high-quality videos, helpful checklists and a filing structure tailored to the needs of tax firms.

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“Cloudwharf has actively supported us in realising our dream of our own unique software that is precisely tailored to the needs of tax advisors. In addition to their valuable experience in the software industry, which is also valuable for strategic issues, we are particularly convinced that they have understood our vision from the very beginning and are pulling together with us as a true partner. That is why we are already looking forward to further cooperation with them!“

Petar Klein
CFO at Arxonas GmbH

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Arxonas has a content management system, a video media library, a management level check and much more. That is:

  • a precisely tailored app for the needs of their customers.

The app helps tax advisors achieve their profit targets with a higher quality of life. Moreover, they have in it:

  • a fully integrated accounting process,
  • automated Salesforce lead generation,
  • and they can flexibly manage their subscriptions themselves.

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